The Specifier: The Future of School Foodservice

The Specifier from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies

October 25, 2012

The Future of School Foodservice

Thanks to USDA mandates, there is a greater push among K-12 schools to provide fresher, better-for-you meal options. As a result, equipment packages for these foodservice operators now emphasize multi-use items and cold and hot-food holding.

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Q&A with Stephanie Raveneaux of Salata

Salata, a restaurant chain that draws its name from the Latin origin of the word “salad”, was created seven years ago in one of downtown Houston’s tunnel locations. The concept is simple yet relevant due to the country’s focus on healthier fare. Here we explore the equipment and supplies package this budding restaurant chain uses to live up to its brand promise.

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Master-Bilt Master Controller Option


• Electronic controller system for walk-in refrigeration systems
• New version 2.0 featuring Web2Walk-In internet access
• Reverse cycle defrost feature saves 80% energy usage over electric defrost heaters
• Saves up to 27% in total energy usage over Master-Biltall-mechanical refrigeration systems

Facility Design Project of the Month: The Central Kitchen at Johns Hopkins

A 30,000-square-foot central kitchen with cook-chill technology and pods supports staff who prepare 13,000 meals daily for patients on 125 specialized diets and food for employees and guests.

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Do You Know the Real Impact of the New Healthcare Law?

As a business leader you are undoubtedly aware that the Affordable Healthcare Act is about to take effect. But that seems to be where most people’s understanding of the legislation begins and ends. That’s because this legislation is highly complex and to someone outside of Washington, D.C., it seems like a maze of regulations that are indiscriminately and independently linked to each other.

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Air Curtains from Around the World

Mars Air

Ever wonder why and where air curtains are used? From hospitals to butterfly houses to manufacturing facilities to paint Mars Air booths, Mars Air Curtains can be found from sea to shining sea.

Designing for Millennials

Socially aware. Constantly connected. Technologically savvy. These attributes all describe the Millennial generation and make designing a restaurant for this demographic all the more challenging, as this article from FE&S’ sister publication restaurant design + development points out.

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BKI CombiKing

2012 FE&S Best In Class winners