FE&S eMarketplace: Special NRA Show Edition

April 19, 2012

eMarketplace from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
Polar WareThe EDGE® “One Pan You Can Handle”
Polar Ware’s Edge® steam table pans offer Corner Strength Guarantee and Better Energy Efficiency: with its remarkable strength, the Grip-N-Lift edge is extremely resistant to dents and bending, which ensures a seal that doesn’t allow steam to escape. The Grip-N-Lift edge is a half-inch rise around the pan, providing a means to grab, hold, and handle the pan.

Polar Ware

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NRA BOOTH #:3807

AJ AntunesSee What Better Water Can Do
VIZION™ by A.J. Antunes & Co. sets the new standard for beverage quality in the foodservice industry with its VZN water filtration systems. Each system has a self-cleaning ultrafilter to ensure the highest quality ingredient water at a low operating cost, giving operations a significantly upgraded beverage portfolio.

AJ Antunes

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NRA BOOTH #:3154

Tomlinson Simpli-Flex® Ice Cream Cone Dispensers
Prevent breakage, protect from contamination, and keep ice cream cones fresher with Simpli-Flex® cone dispensers for cake, waffle and sugar cones with a 1-3/8" – 3-3/8" cone lip diameter. Simpli-Flex cone dispensers are completely self-adjusting, ensuring one-at-a-time dispensing. Simpli-Flex dispensers are available in heavy-duty, polished stainless steel or rigid clear plastic. Dispensers can be mounted to walls, stands (as shown in picture), in-counter or under-counter.


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NRA BOOTH #:6734

Nor-LakeNor-Lake Releases New AdvantEDGE™ Bar Equipment
Nor-Lake has released its new AdvantEDGE™ Bottle Coolers, Solid and Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerators and Direct Draw Beer Coolers. These models come in a variety of sizes and feature stainless steel tops, black vinyl coated finishes and easy to grab handles. An adjustable temperature range from 33°F to 38°F keeps your product cool and refreshing.


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NRA BOOTH #:4054

VulcanVulcan PowerFry™ VK Series Fryers
Our PowerFry™ VK Series Fryers feature higher performance, superior energy efficiency and a patent pending FivePass™ heat transfer technology, all in one package. It’s the most energy efficient fryer you can buy—period. See how much you can save with the PowerFry™.


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NRA BOOTH #:4237

Server ProductsDispense Condiments Easily With Squeeze Bottle Holders
Keep sandwich stations neat and dressings upright and ready to use. The stainless steel 8-bottle unit fits in a cold table, taking up the space of a 1/3-size pan. The covered top keeps bottles in the holders 6 to 7 degrees colder than bottles standing in an open pan. Also available in 1-, 2-, and 3-bottle squeeze bottle holders to fit the space of a 1/6-size pan.

Server Products

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NRA BOOTH #:3220

MeikoMEIKO’s M-iQ Dishwasher Is The Clean Solution
MEIKO builds on 80 years of dishwashing innovations with the revolutionary M-iQ. Intelligent, innovative and efficient, M-iQ provides maximum cleaning effectiveness, minimizes water, energy and chemical consumption, and employs advanced technology for a dramatically reduced environmental impact.


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NRA BOOTH #:1040

PolarwareEdgePro™ Utensils That Last!
Polar Ware’s EdgePro™ utensils carry a Lifetime Warranty; the Patented Scoop-N-Lift feature prevents utensil from slipping into the pan, plus helps lift pan from well. The EdgePro™ handles are rated for high impact and high temperature with blunt end for tapping items into place. Handles are ergonomically contoured for comfort and ease of handling.


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NRA BOOTH #:3807

WusthofNew Wusthof Website For Foodservice
Wusthof launches a new website for foodservice professionals. For information on the Pro Series stamped line of knives, a list of Wusthof reps and more, go to www.wusthof-foodservice.com. Wusthof - the knife chefs prefer.


NRA BOOTH #:1057

PerlickThe Leader In ADA-Compliant Refrigeration
Perlick proudly offers the industry’s most complete line of ADA-Compliant refrigeration. Available in freezer, freezer drawers, refrigerator (shown), beverage center and wine reserve models, this line measures just 32" to comply with strict 34-inch counter height regulations.


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