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December 22, 2016

Hatco Built-In ShelfHot/Cold Built-In Shelves Provide Versatile Innovation
Give your foodservice operation the ultimate flexibility with Hatco’s Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves. The Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves easily change between heated and cold to cater to your needs. Learn More at hatcocorp.com.

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MasterBilt Walking CoolerMaster-Bilt Introduces New Walk-In Installation Program
Master-Bilt’s Walk-In Installation Program provides a network of certified installers across the United States and Canada. Purchasing and installing walk-ins from one source ensures the entire job is done correctly. All walk-ins and installations are guaranteed through the warranty life.

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Goren Vortex100Groen’s Boilerless, Energy-Efficient Vortex100 Steamer
Groen’s Vortex100 connectionless steamer is an efficient and economical solution to bulk cook-and-hold applications for varying menu demands. Requires no water or drain connections, and uses under 2.5 gallons of water per hour in heavy use. Energy Star® certified. Available in 3 and 6 pan models.

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American Panel FreezerAmerican Panel Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers
With 51 models, American Panel Blast Chillers are the right fit for the job. Whether reach-in, roll-in, or modular (assembled on site), the blast chiller that is the perfect size is available. These units let you provide better quality product in less time to add more to your bottom line.

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Frontline Direct Plumbed SystemFrontline International’s Direct-Plumbed® Systems Increase Safety
No more dangerous toting of fryer oil! EZ-Oil is plumbed to your existing fryer, which in turn is plumbed to a secure waste oil holding tank. The entire system is electronically monitored — alerts report system status, such as how full the tank is or how often fry oil is being filtered or changed.

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HLC Aurora RingsAurora’s Rings — Beauty by Homer Laughlin
Concentric rings around the wide rim are the most distinctive element that will draw the guest’s eye, conditioning elegance. But make no mistake; Homer Laughlin’s Aurora™ enhances the artistry of the plated composition without sacrificing durability. This 19-piece line is tasteful and timeless.

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