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March 31, 2016

Globe Combo GrillGlobe Announces Smooth/Grooved Combination Sandwich Grills
New models with grooved top plate and smooth bottom plate. Single grill unit has 14”x14” cooking surface; double grill has two 14”x14” cooking surfaces. Stainless steel construction, heavy-duty cast iron grill plates. Temperature controlled up to 570°F. Non-skid feet, 4 ft power cord & plug. 1800W single, 5400/7200 double.

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PHC cutterPacific Handy Cutter’s NEW Metal Detectable Food Service Cutter
Product contamination from foreign objects is a multi-million dollar problem in the Food Service/Processing industry. PHC’s NEW Metal Detectable Safety Cutter is ideal for cutting Cryovac, shrink wrap and lightweight carton flaps. Easy to clean and sanitize and you don’t have to worry about the cutter or loose blades getting in the food product. See all of our Food Service Safety Cutters at

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PowerPulse pre-rinseNEW PowerPulse™ Pre-Rinse With Unique Pulsing Action
Creates a high pressure stream that powers off dried and baked on food in LESS TIME (as low as 12 seconds) with LESS WATER (up to 58% less vs. competitors). Can easily retrofit to most existing pre-rinses but is also available as a complete kit and comes with a 3 year warranty. Visit our website to arrange a full money back NO RISK TRIAL!

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Server Heated Utensil HolderThe Next Generation of Ice-Making Technology
Prodigy Plus® technology, from Scotsman, is the foundation for a wide range of modular cube, flake and nugget ice machines. From convenient cleaning to a small operational footprint to enhanced energy efficiency, Prodigy Plus was designed with the end-user in mind, delivering the high-quality ice operators have come to expect from Scotsman.

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Malish Grill brushesKold Locker™ Walk-ins are the best value walk-in available today!
Sizes range from 3’6” x 6’ to 10’ x 14’ and heights of 6’7”, 7’7” and 8’7” with floor and 7’4” or 8’4” less floor. Kold Lockers™ are manufactured for indoor or outdoor use as coolers or freezers, come standard with energy efficient LED lighting and can be easily assembled in a few hours.

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ThermalRite blast chillerBlast Chillers Help Your Kitchen “Bounce Back”
Resilient Kitchens run at peak performance even when the pressure is on! Bouncing back after the most outrageous event schedules calls for the latest cook-chill technology from ThermalRite - choose from our wide range of sizes and models. ThermalRite's exclusive CypenVac® Insulation Technology, honored with the Kitchen Innovations 2014 award, keeps cold in - keeps heat out. Saves energy!

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