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May 15, 2014
Hatco Drop-In WellHatco Refrigerated Drop-In Wells/Product Release
Hatco’s NSF 7-approved Refrigerated Drop-In wells are designed to hold and serve a variety of food products at safe temperatures, perfect for salad bars, buffets and cold food displays. The well cavity ensures energy efficiency with environmentally friendly insulation on sides and bottom providing better cold retention. Hatco Refrigerated Drop-In Wells also house a variety of pans to showcase a variety of your food products.

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TableCraft NSF Option DispenserNEW! NSF® SaferFood Solutions™ Option™ Dispenser
Made in the USA, the NSF® Option Dispenser is versatile, durable, disassembles easily for cleaning and has an ergonomic handle. The jar is BPA free and made of Tritan material that holds up to 48 ounces of your favorite salad dressing or any condiment of choice. The Option Dispenser is also available in a kit that includes 6 dispensers, a black or white tray and a set of 10 salad dressing name tags.

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Tork Xpressnap dispenserTork Xpressnap: A dispenser and a display
Tork Xpressnap® does twice as much for your business:
  • Reduces napkin usage by 25%.
  • Promotes your brand with AD-a-Glance inserts.

Visit talktork.com for a FREE trial.

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Micro Matic Pro-Line Wine dispenserFresh wine, every pour!
Serve keg wine and eliminate the cork, oxidation, spoilage and waste. Introducing Pro-Line Wine dual-temperature keg dispensers. Store and serve keg wine at their optimum temperatures: 45°F for whites and 55°F for reds. Available in either 4 or 8 keg models.

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Broaster Ventless FryerBroaster® Ventless Fryers. Small footprint. Huge Profits.
Broaster Ventless Countertop Fryers are a perfect fit for any size operation. Built for consistency and durability, they require no costly installation or expensive hoods. They quickly prepare delicious, ready-to-cook Broaster Foods®, and your choice of other foods to attract more customers and drive more sales. Visit broaster.com.

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Alluserv Hot & Cold Food CartHot & Cold Food In One Cart
The Multi-Temp Cart from Alluserv maintains safe, appetizing food temperatures for hot and chilled food items in one dual compartment cart. Refrigerated and heated compartments are controlled by a single on/off switch. The cart will hold foods in the safe zone for up to 30 minutes while unplugged in transit. External LCD indicators allow for compartment temp monitoring, even when the unit is unplugged. The cart rolls easily on six wide-tread casters, and operates on convenient 115 VAC power.

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