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Foodservice Operators Project Moderate Growth for 2018

Operators seem cautiously optimistic when looking ahead to 2018.

Overall, 58 percent of foodservice operators anticipate their sales will increase in 2018, according to FE&S’ 2018 Operator Forecast Study. Among those operators projecting an increase, the average growth rate is 2.38 percent.

Eight Ways to Meet in the Middle

How to succeed in the common push-pull negotiations around price versus kitchen design integrity.

Trends in Prototype Design

Consumer Expectations, Takeout Boom Drive Changes

Futuristic Food

While still a budding movement and not nearly ready for prime time, cellular agriculture and science-based food continue to gain momentum. Think of a world with beef and milk without starting with the whole cow, or eggs and poultry that are not derived from exterminating a whole hen or chicken but are instead scientifically cultured from their cells.

Trends in Prototype Design: Insights from the Experts

To offer some insights on the direction of prototype designs, FE&S tapped four experts from the most prolific design and branding firms, who collectively have created new prototypes for some of world’s biggest brands and hottest startups

Trends in Prototype Design: BWW Targets Takeout with B-Dubs Express

Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) regularly tweaks and refines its prototype and throughout the past several years has focused most of its efforts in this regard on two main goals: increasing efficiencies in the "heart of the house" and adapting its facilities to meet growing demand for takeout.

Trends in Prototype Design: Burrito Beach Aligns Design, Food Quality

Food quality has always been a big deal at Burrito Beach, a Chicago-based fast-casual concept founded by Greg Schulson in 1995.

Design? Not so much. Nonetheless, the brand did well in the competitive fast-casual segment, growing to five units with its kitschy beach and Mexican aesthetic.

Trends in Prototype Design: Tilted Kilt Shrinks Footprint, Gains Efficiencies

Changing consumer expectations and the need to remain relevant are big drivers for many prototype changes, and so are unit economics. Such is the case for Tempe, Ariz.-based Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery. With legacy units measuring 8,000 to 10,000 square feet and many occupying freestanding, second-generation sites, the costs and constraints associated with the existing prototype were limiting growth.