CFESA's Preventative Maintenance Steps for Garbage Disposals

Here are eight steps foodservice operators and their service agents can take to help ensure a longer service life for their garbage disposal.

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Garbage disposals can help foodservice operators reduce the amount of solid waste that goes out their back door, potentially lowering hauling fees and labor. Like any other piece of commercial kitchen equipment, though, garbage disposals require some preventative and planned maintenance to ensure they have long, productive service lives.

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With that in mind, the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association offer the following eight-point checklist of steps to take to make sure a garbage disposal remains in good working order.

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  • Check to see if hoses and neck pieces are in place
  • Check for tight belts
  • Check for water leakage
  • Check for excessive wear
  • Check operation of controls
  • Check for proper amperage draw
  • Check for proper water flow when on
  • Check for vibration or noise

Additional service related information is available on the CFESA website.

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