Oneida and Anchor Hocking Merge Under the EveryWare Global Umbrella

Iconic brands will remain in place.

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Foodservice customers that use Oneida and Anchor Hocking products will now find these two brands going to market under the newly unified company EveryWare Global. Despite operating as one company, EveryWare Global will maintain the Oneida and Anchor Hocking brand names in the foodservice marketplace.

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Steve Lefkowitz leads EveryWare Global's foodservice efforts.

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The integration of the companies' North American operations is nearly complete, with unified sales forces, customer service, supply chain, product marketing, distribution and back office operations. In the United States, EveryWare Global will use a network of factory reps, similarly structured to the way Oneida used to go to market, to call on foodservice customers. Also, facilities that manufacture and supply items for the Oneida and Anchor Hocking brands will remain operational.

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