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Dan Frigo

It’s hard to believe that just 10 years ago, operators were dependent on staff to handle all aspects of beverage service. Now, one would be hard-pressed to find a quick-service or even fast-casual operation that doesn’t include a self-service drink station.

“It’s a huge profit area and, in this realm, much of Hatco’s equipment supports self-service and buffet solutions,” says Dan Frigo, Hatco’s dealer sales manager. “This also helps cut down the numbers of workers on each shift.”

The implementation of this equipment also is being driven by costs.

“As operators shift work from their employees to their customers, they also are addressing the hidden costs of those staff members who will be making more than minimum wage,” says Frigo.

Hatco Corp. provides self-service and buffet equipment options that are designed to decrease labor, while still ensuring high-quality products are produced.

Toast Qwik Conveyor Toaster

Its Toast-Qwik® Conveyor Toaster uses conveyor speed, not temperature, to determine uniform toasting color, giving great flexibility and performance, as well as delivering up to 400 slices per hour. This unit provides instant and precise adjustment of toast color with electronic infinite controls to regulate top and bottom heat. A ColorGuard Sensing System monitors and adjusts conveyor speed during peak periods to ensure toast color uniformity.

To maintain food quality, appearance and temperatures on the buffet line, Hatco’s Drop-In Hot/Cold Wells provide the ultimate flexibility and versatility. With both refrigerated and heated wells, the unit holds pre-chilled and hot foods at their optimum serving temperatures. Features include auto-defrost, easy serviceability, optimal insulation and an efficient condenser for the refrigerated well. A Hydro-Heater Food Rethermalizer/Bain-Marie Heater with “free-flow” technology provides efficient and safe operation with a longer life for the heated well.

“We provide equipment that allows operators to make more efficient use of their labor force,” says Frigo.

Toast Quick Toaster Buffet