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Selecting the proper equipment is key in reducing the labor needs of today’s foodservice operators.

One way to keep on top of production needs is to incorporate holding equipment, which provides the means to cook in larger batches and reduce on-demand labor needs.

“With minimum wages on the rise, operators have to look at their operations in a different light,” says Dan Frigo, dealer sales manager at Hatco Corp. “We provide many holding equipment options that ensure a more efficient use of labor.”

Hatco holding equipment

Capable of holding an array of hot foods at optimum temperatures for extended periods of time, The Hatco Flav-R-Savor® Portable Energy Efficient Holding Cabinet can help save money through increased energy efficiencies and allows for advanced preparation ahead of peak-serving periods. The Energy Star-rated equipment uses thermostatically-controlled heat and humidity to keep food products hot for longer and includes a digital temperature readout, with a full temperature range of 80°F-200°F (27°C-93°C).

Hatco holding equipment

The Hatco Flav-R-Savor® Tall Humidified Holding Cabinet has the same features and capabilities, but includes fully-insulated doors, side walls, top, bottom and control panels to assist in heat retention, along with a quick recovery heating system. A humidification system allows for a wider range of settings, including precise proofing.

Using controlled moisturized heat and humidity, Hatco’s Flav-R-Fresh® Humidified Impulse Display Cabinet allows foods to be showcased for longer periods of times, while taking up minimal counter space. Electronic controls monitor cabinet temperature, and tempered glass sides and door allow for full-view display. Shatter-resistant fluorescent lights illuminate the holding area while safeguarding foods from bulb breakage. Designer colors are available.

“Operators can hold large batches in these units for up to an hour,” says Frigo. “By making food ahead of time, employees are freed up to perform other necessary tasks in the kitchen.”

When holding equipment is properly used, it can significantly maximize the use of labor, providing cost savings and enhancing efficiency in the back of house.