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Chef Cooking on Countertop Induction UnitsInduction cooking uses the pan as ‘the element’, so there is no lag time waiting for conduction to occur. This not only provides quicker heating, but also almost instant recovery. The most recent models provide the ability for users to create and save simple multiple step programs for repeatability and consistent cooking, which is vital in commercial foodservice.

Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine Induction Range lines offer a variety of unique features. Find out what helps set these units apart.

Intuitive Power

Hatco’s MPS (Magnetic Power System) is a pan analyzing feature that ‘looks’ at the pan and recalibrates to deliver the maximum power possible directly to the pan. In our own lab tests, we saw 10% to 11% more power delivered to the pan than our main competitors.

Setting the Bar for Durability

There are a lot of ‘disposable’ induction units out there that won’t hold up to seven-day-a-week, 10-hour-a-day use in adverse greasy/damp/hot kitchen environments. Our units are designed and built by us, rather than bought-in private labelled pieces, which are common at the cheaper, low end of the market.

This means that Hatco’s Rapide Cuisine Induction Ranges max ambient of 124 degrees F (51 degrees C) can withstand the highest heat in a kitchen and sets a new high bar for durability. Also, our unique, fully-sealed top is shatter resistant and sealed to ensure no liquid makes its way into the electronics inside.

Standard Upgrades

Hatco’s induction line offers standard features that are typically options on other units. This includes a TFT high-resolution color screen, as opposed to a backlit LCD or red LED. And more precise control is achieved during the cooking process with the rotary encoder knob. Rotate slowly for fine control, or quickly to reach maximum from zero, and vice versa.

Innovative Advanced Features

The Hatco "P Type" units feature "Modes", which can be thought of as "apps". Via a built-in USB port, the units can be updated with different software. Several manufacturers offer uni-tasker equipment, but Hatco’s Modes makes the Hatco units true multi-taskers. It's not just software though, the Hatco units also incorporates the necessary insulation and internal heat management to accommodate applications like fajita skillet heating. Don’t try that on standard induction units!

Other brands may offer the ability to update firmware, but this is typically only for service issues. The connector is frequently custom and requires a special piece of equipment or programmer. This is not the case with Hatco’s induction line, which features a standard USB port to easily upgrade or expand features.

Quiet with Eye Appeal

With a low speed/high volume fan that only comes on when needed, Hatco’s induction equipment is far quieter than the leading competitors’. In fact, it can be compared to the difference between a television being turned on at +22dB and a light leaf fluttering in the wind at +10dB.

And the low profile design at 3.4 inches versus other unit’s 5 inches in height will not dominate the buffet line aesthetic. We’ve patented the look, too, offering color options that include all black, stainless/red as well as the standard stainless/black. Our competitors’ offerings are typically limited to industrial or low-end designs.

Finally, Hatco’s units have been manufactured to meet, beat or render irrelevant the features of its primary competition for between 20% and 30% less in terms of end-user expense.

Mission accomplished!