Foodservice Opinions

Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

A Systematic Approach to Labor Economics

Foodservice operators can choose from countless ways to manage labor resources. Here consultant Juan Martinez outlines the 10 key attributes any labor management system should have, regardless of how a restaurant approaches this all-important topic.

Fast Food B'fast Wars Heat up, Americans Are Eating Their Savings and More

Government numbers show good restaurant sales in April. US Foods is getting antsy over delay in the Sysco merger but no quick decision is anticipated. Seattle operators struggle with minimum wage increase. YUM may divest its Chinese businesses. These stories and a lot more in This Week In Foodservice.

This Week in Foodservice: Casual Restaurant Sales Improve, C-Stores Continue to Improve Foodservice Offerings and More

Knapp Track reports casual restaurant sales continue to creep up. The U.S. employment picture improves after a poor showing in March. C-stores continue to focus on improving foodservice business. All this plus comparable store sales reports from 20 chains.

YUM! Brands Investing $185M in KFC, Casual Dining Improving, and Much More

The NRA says their performance index drifted lower in March. Sysco reported sales and gross profit rose in the last quarter. NPD sees casual restaurant situation improving. YUM! Brands will spend $185 million on KFC including new equipment. These stories and a whole lot more in This Week In Foodservice.

Chef's Corner: Gerard Craft, Chef/Owner, Niche Food Group, St. Louis, Mo.

Chef Gerard Craft, a five-time James Beard Foundation Best Chef Midwest nominee, is the executive chef and owner of Niche Food Group in St. Louis, Mo., the parent company of the original Niche (open since 2005) as well as Taste by Niche, Brasserie by Niche and casual Italian concept Pastaria. Porano Pasta + Gelato, opening mid-summer, will be Craft's fifth concept and first foray into the fast-casual segment.

The Changing Face of Corporate Dining

Fast-casual concepts seem to dominate the foodservice industry discussion these days, and with good reason. Many of these operators have found the way to meet customers' demands for quality, innovative menu items in a way that resonates with time-strapped customers. This phenomenon is certainly not lost on the world of corporate dining.

Commercial Equipment Rises to Small Kitchen Challenge

Commercial kitchens keep getting smaller. Increasingly, restaurateurs want to dedicate more space to the revenue-generating front of house and reduce space in the back of house. And the rapid increase of pop-up restaurants and food trucks further drives this small kitchen trend to new heights.

Lesson Learned: The Cost of Staying the Same

For years now, if you were to ask most any member of the foodservice supply chain about some of their biggest challenges, they would include attracting and retaining top young talent and coming to terms with price pressures brought on by their arch nemesis, the internet.

Collaboration Breeds Success for Foodservice Consultants

Most of today's foodservice projects seem to share two common traits: they are all more complex than ever before and operate on a fast-track development schedule. Factor in tighter budgets and higher than normal customer expectations and the project has no room for error. In this environment, these projects often require the specialized expertise and experience of both design and management advisory consultants to not only make the most effective and efficient use of the resources available but to also position the operation for long-term success.

The Pursuit of Excellence: On the 2015 Dealer of the Year

We are excited to share the story behind the success of FE&S' 2015 Dealer of the Year Award recipient, Clark Associates, Inc. By merely glancing at Clark Associates' impressive growth over the past few years, you will quickly understand why they were considered for this award in the first place. But, FE&S' Dealer of the Year Award is much more than a simple measure of sales success.

L.A. Restaurants Want to Count Tips, McDonald’s Struggles, and Hooters to Collect Hamburgers

The U.S. economy continues to stumble forward. Los Angeles restaurant operators want to change minimum wage calculations. McDonald’s woes continue. Hooter’s parent collects hamburger chains. These stories and a whole lot more in This Week in Foodservice.