Foodservice Opinions

Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

Consultant's Viewpoint: It is Time to Transform the School Food Experience

We have all had virtually the same school foodservice experience, right? You get dismissed for lunch, you walk down the stainless steel line, the lunch lady puts food on a five-compartment tray (whoever invented that item must be rich) and you choose white or chocolate milk. As you got older, perhaps you had an additional choice of entree or you could purchase an a la carte item. Extra fries, anyone?

You did What?…

It was rather late in the production schedule for this month's issue, when I was made aware that Editorial Director Joe Carbonara, for whom I have the utmost love and respect, had commissioned an unscheduled piece of editorial on the predicted impact of a Trump presidency on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry. I wasn't thrilled ... for a couple of reasons.

Creative Destruction

The business community has had some big hits as of late. Department store giant Macy's announced plans to close 100 of its brick and mortar locations across the country in an effort to stabilize its operations. Sears unveiled plans to sell its Craftsman brand of tools to Stanley Black & Decker for $900 million.

Driving up ROI with Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to calculating return on investment for foodservice equipment, the equation includes two key variables: cost and time. Proper maintenance techniques can help extend the life of equipment and lessen costly repairs or frequent replacements — boosting an operator’s ROI.

Samuel Stanovich Creates a Culture of Communication

Sam Stanovich has been involved in the hospitality industry more than two decades. Prior to his current position as area representative and franchisee for Firehouse Subs, he served as director and partner, product development and industry relations, for the National Restaurant Association. Stanovich also served as president and CEO of the Heritage Corridor Convention and Visitors Bureau and spent 12 years working for Marriott International.

Do you Have a Brand to Sell?

Private equity’s interest in restaurants as of late got me thinking …