Foodservice Opinions

Opinion pieces on the foodservice equipment and supplies industry from leaders and laymen from all aspects of the business, including dealers, distributors, design consultants and multi-unit operators.

A Pro You Should Know: David Duckworth, Director of Field Operations, Training and Development, Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service, San Antonio, Texas

When David Duckworth joined Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service almost three decades ago after working seven years as a licensed journeyman electrician, he had no knowledge of foodservice equipment.

Exceptions Lead to Action Items

Today’s restaurant industry is much more competitive than it has been in the past. Industry sales continue to grow, but at a much slower rate than in years past. As a result, oftentimes one operator’s growth comes at the expense of someone else. So in a very real sense, success today is much more about taking share from your competitor down the street and making sure every dollar you earn makes it to your bank account. Otherwise, you are just pouring dollars down the drain.

Check, Please…

A corollary in business might be: If you want to gain insight into a company’s culture, take a look at the way they treat their competition.

Past Present

It’s hard to write a story about Ace Mart, FE&S’ 2016 Dealer of the Year without referencing its founder Norman “Gus” Gustafson. And that’s with good reason.

Restaurant Reality 2.0

A 40-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Chris Tripoli, principal of A’La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group based in Houston, has provided management advisory consulting to foodservice operators in all sectors of the industry. Here Tripoli shares his thoughts on the top issues and trends facing primarily multiunit and independent restaurants this year.

Specification Credits

Of course, in order to specify the correct piece of equipment or supply item, foodservice operators and their supply chain partners need to understand which questions they should ask.

A Foodservice Pro You Should Know: Betti Wiggins, Executive Director of the Office of School Nutrition for Detroit Public Schools

Infamous for its troubled schools and failing economy, Detroit, Mich., isn't the place you'd expect to find a revolution in school nutrition. Since 2008, though, Betti Wiggins has set about changing the diets of the children of Detroit — 55,000 kids across 141 schools — by turning off the fryers and introducing kids to new vegetables.

It Is All About the People

What the FE&S Top Achiever Awards seek to recognize is fresh talent ascending in different quarters of the industry.

A New Foodservice Paradigm

For a business to remain truly relevant over the long haul, it must continue to add value to all of the customers its serves.

A Pro You Should Know: Caroline Kauffman-Kirschnick

Caroline Kauffman-Kirschnick, General Manager, Electric Motor Repair Company (EMR), Baltimore

Less Talk. More Action.

From now until Memorial Day, hardly a week will go by without a foodservice-related association hosting a conference for its members. Undoubtedly, these events will include some conversation about recruiting and retaining younger employees and, in the case of events hosted by members of the foodservice equipment and supplies community, there will be plenty of banter about what ails the supply chain.