In this issue FE&S presents the results from its 2012 Distribution Giants Study, which ranks the top 100 dealers by sales volume. This is the industry's oldest and most comprehensive study that covers the world of foodservice equipment and supplies distribution. While incredibly time consuming, this study is a wonderful exercise for me and our team here at FE&S because it allows us to interact with a large portion of our readers and hear first-hand how things are playing out in the field each day.

The good news is that 2011 sales among the top 100 dealers increased 7.63 percent, almost five full percentage points higher than last year's growth rate. In fact, 68 percent of dealers reported an increase in sales and 10 percent said sales were flat. You can see the results of this year's study on page 28.

What we learned this year is that while top line sales continue to improve, the dealer community still faces considerable margin pressures. And, unfortunately, it is probably going to remain that way for a while as businesses and consumers maintain a more conservative economic position. The fact that 2012 is a general election year will not help matters much, either, as the divisive drum beats of partisan politics will do little to make business leaders and consumers feel more secure about their current or future prospects.

Despite the challenging business climate, the foodservice equipment and supplies industry remains a pretty vibrant and resilient place for those individuals with a vision, active listening skills and a willingness to embrace technology. In this issue we offer four such examples of foodservice professionals who continue to evolve their careers, applying lessons learned and past experiences when working with customers and supply chain partners to create dynamic solutions. Of course, I am referring to FE&S' 2012 Top Achiever Award recipients (page 38).

Our top achievers blend their backgrounds with an insatiable thirst to learn more and ability to adapt to the industry's ever-evolving business climate to develop working relationships with their supply chain partners based on collaboration, integrity and trust. Our four top achievers' seemingly endless energy for their businesses makes them wonderful ambassadors for the foodservice industry. Indeed, Karen Malody, Mark Rossi, Joe McDonald and Mark LeBerte represent living proof that if you are willing to put in the time and effort, the foodservice equipment and supplies industry offers countless opportunities for you to pursue your passions.

I guess what it all comes back to is what we all learned as children about playing in the sandbox. As Chip Evans points out in his Parting Shot editorial (page 120): If we can remember not to throw sand in anyone's face, share all the toys appropriately and not bully anyone then the industry can continue to form business relationships that function well.

The pressure from slimming margins and customer traffic can cause us to act hastily and jump to conclusions about what the customer wants without ever asking them or taking the time to truly listen to what they are saying. But by applying these basic techniques learned as children, we can continue to position ourselves and our businesses for growth, no matter the conditions.