Future Foodservice Leaders

Future Foodservice Leader: Cassidy Martin

An interview with Cassidy Martin, Manufacturer Program Coordinator, General Parts, LLC

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Future Foodservice Leader: Andrew D. O’Quinn Jr.

An interview with Andrew D. O’Quinn Jr. vice president/contract director for Thompson & Little, Inc.

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Future Foodservice Leader: Gary L. Potvin

An interview with Gary L. Potvin, president of Pine Tree Food Equipment Inc.

Future Foodservice Leader: Patrick Malloy

An interview with Patrick Malloy, area manager for Zink Foodservice Group.

Future Foodservice Leader: Yusie Kim

An interview with Yusie Kim, Assistant Director of Catering for NYU Langone Medical Center.

Future Foodservice Leader: Cedric Junearick

An interview with Cedric Junearick, director, Huntsville Hospital System

Future Foodservice Leader: Todd Jones

An interview with Todd Jones vice president of Paragon Marketing.

Future Foodservice Leader: Alex Ihsane

An interview with Alex Ihsane CDM, CFPP, director, food nutrition, for Greenville Hospital System.

Future Foodservice Leader: Chad Hemming

An interview with Chad Hemming, vice president of marketing for Serv-U.

Future Foodservice Leader: Kenny Hemmer

An interview with Kenny Hemmer, director of financial operations for Emory University, Food Service Administration.

Future Foodservice Leader: Christopher Heina

An interview with Christopher Heina, director of business development for Cobblestone Ovens, Inc.

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