We are very excited about our future and the future of this great industry that we have the privilege to cover.

Around the time that you read this, Anne LoCascio, our very talented art director, accompanied by editor in chief Joe Carbonara, will be learning our fate as it relates to a pair of prestigious design awards from Folio magazine. Check our awards page to see how Anne makes out in New York at the 2013 Folio Awards Ceremony. Recognition of this kind supports our objective of delivering a first-class reader experience not only in the form of content but also in terms of how it’s presented.

It’s somewhat ironic to share this news in the issue featuring our print directory. When I first became publisher of FE&S some ten years ago, it seemed highly unlikely that the print directory would survive once the information offered here became readily searchable online, which is now the case. As a young comedian recently quipped upon seeing stacks of the yellow pages being delivered, “here…we copied down part of the Internet and printed it out for you.”

The surprising truth, however, is that the printed directory remains viable because so many readers feel it is a useful tool. It is part of an all-of-the-above approach to information management: sometimes it’s quicker to log on to a computer or mobile device to find what you need and sometimes it’s easier to keep a printed directory near your desk or in your briefcase for handy reference. The requests that we get for extra copies throughout the year are testimony to the print directory’s staying power. As previously stated, we’re thrilled you continue to access our content and how you wish to do it is up to you. To subscribe to our print edition to ensure you get a print copy click here

Looking ahead to 2014, we have another outstanding editorial line-up in store for you…our readers. In our January issue we are all very excited to feature ten up and coming chain innovators. Concepts like Native Foods Café (vegan fast casual), VERTS Kebap (Berlin-style kebap shop) and Slaters 50/50 (signature burger is half-beef, half-bacon, craft beers, casual dining) to name just a few.

Stay tuned….you’re gonna like what our team is cooking up!