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Tips and Tools for Memorable Food Presentations

In today’s food photo- and Instagram-obsessed world of dining, chefs from every segment know the importance not just of plating food beautifully but also of selecting the right plate, bowl or vessel to round out the whole presentation. Even cocktail specialists have become presentation artists in their own right — from choosing the simplest of glasses to let their beautifully garnished creations shine to reaching for more ornate glassware to add a special je ne sais quoi to a simpler drink.

Functional by Design: Service Stations

Staff service stations can become a bit of a no-man’s-land. Many interior designers aren’t well versed in service stations’ full operational implications — or keen to take away from other design components to accommodate them. And in many cases, foodservice consultants are not asked to weigh in on decisions made on the other side of the kitchen door.

Trend: Global Flavor Demand

Global flavors are on the tip of every foodie’s tongue. Younger Millennials and Gen Z continue to drive demand, according to Technomic’s Consumer Trends report. Boomers are not far behind, looking to treat
tired palates with novel tastes.