Johnny Rockets Opens First On-Campus Locations

The restaurant chain takes flight at colleges in New Jersey and Oklahoma.

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The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and Oklahoma State University (OSU) are the locations for the first on-campus locations for Johnny Rockets, a restaurant chain specializing in burgers, fries and shakes. Each restaurant is located in the student center on campus and accepts their school's student dining plan cards.

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Both restaurants also feature lighter menu options including chicken sandwiches, Boca Burgers, turkey burgers and salads.

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The Stockton College location opened on Sept. 15 in the Osprey Food Court located in the new campus center. Chartwells Dining Services is the on-campus foodservice provider for Stockton College. The OSU location will be in the Student Union and will open in early October, according to a Johnny Rockets press release.

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