NYU Langone Medical Center Duo Wins AHF Culinary Competition

AHF members' culinary skills shine during the AHF's 2011 competition.

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Yusie Kim, retail services supervisor, and Cornel Ruhland, chef de cuisine, from NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, took first place honors in the 2011 Culinary Competition hosted by the Association for Healthcare Foodservice during its annual conference.

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Jim McGrody, nutrition services director and Chef Ryan Conklin from REX Healthcare in Raleigh, N.C., earned second place honors. Angelo Mojica, director of nutrition and food service, and Shawn Dolan, executive chef from UNC Healthcare in Chapel Hill, N.C., tied for third.

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"The level of culinary excellence displayed by all five teams is indicative of the outstanding cuisine being offered in hospitals and facilities across the country," said AHF president Denisa Cate.

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Two other teams competed as well: Langone Medical Center's Ronald Brandl, director of culinary operations, and Orlando Ramos, executive chef/production; and Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center's Mary Verona, director of food and nutrition, and Chef Justin Klobucar.

The teams and their dishes were judged on organization, time management, culinary skills, originality, and taste and plate presentation.
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