Pair of Canadian Dealers Merge

Hendrix Hotel & Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Ltd. and Longo Food Service Equipment Inc. have merged, according to multiple published reports, including an article in FEDA First Thing. Adding Longo's London, Ontario location will increase Hendrix operations to a total of nine branches – six in Ontario (Brockville, Ottawa, Kingston, Peterborough, Pickering and London), two in Alberta (Edmonton and Calgary) and one in BC (Abbotsford).

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Longo Food Service Equipment Inc. will operate under the Longo trade name as a division of Hendrix during the initial six months. Hendrix will maintain headquarters in Brockville and continue to distribute from its two distribution warehouses in Brockville and Edmonton. The combined company will employ close to 200 employees and sales agents making it one of the largest equipment dealers in Canada.

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