NRA Inks Five-Year Deal to Keep its Trade Show Chicago

The National Restaurant Association signed a five-year commitment to host its annual trade show at Chicago’s McCormick Place, its longtime home. This contract expires following the 2016 show.

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Each year, the NRA’s trade show draws more than 66,000 attendees, including many from outside the United States.

“McCormick Place has made a commitment to enhance its service and value at the NRA Show,” said Dawn Sweeney, National Restaurant Association President and CEO. “Allowing exhibitors the option to undertake a number of tasks they were previously precluded from engaging in, along with decreased foodservice and electrical costs, are among the concrete positive steps that will make the venue highly attractive, and that will place it on a level playing field with other cities.

“Along with all that the city of Chicago has to offer, McCormick Place - with the new legislation being implemented - will now provide an exhibitor-friendly, hassle-free and cost-effective facility that makes for an outstanding trade show environment," Sweeney added. "The legislation includes many important provisions that will help us grow our trade show.”

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