NAFEM, CIA Team Up for E&S Research

The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) and The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) announced that Brad Barnes, CIA associate dean for food production, is the first recipient of the NAFEM Professorship in Culinary Arts. The new position is dedicated to specialized research in foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturing, curriculum development and industry education.

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We're excited for the opportunity to working closely with Chef Barnes to expand our members' knowledge of the equipment and supplies challenges and opportunities for culinarians worldwide," said Deirdre Flynn, CFSP, NAFEM's executive vice president.

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A Certified Master Chef (CMC), Barnes is responsible for developing the curriculum of the college's production classes. He also participates in the design of the CIA's kitchen classrooms and conducts equipment research, evaluating emerging technology to meet the demands of the industry for quality volume production.

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"NAFEM has created an information pipeline to fully understand how a chef thinks about equipment," Chef Barnes said. "This is urgently needed to equip for success in today's kitchens."

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