Bennigan's Updates Management Team

Holly to become director of operations.

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Bennigan's announced a series of updates to its management team.

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Kathy McGee is Bennigan's new vice president of supply chain logistics and administration. She most recently managed purchasing for the visual category (furniture, top of counter, display) for new store openings and remodels at Neiman Marcus. Prior to that, McGee worked with Brinker International, U.S. Foodservice, Norco Restaurant Services and Metromedia Restaurant Group.

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Effective Jan. 1, Don Holly will become director of operations. For more than 20 years, Holly served as a general manager in Bennigan's global system. He most recently served as franchise area director for Bennigan's in Chicago.

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The husband and wife team of Lucas and Yedid Dudley were named franchise operations and training manager, respectively. Both have worked with Bennigan's training associates for more than a decade.

Bennigan's also announced it has a strategic alliance with Integrated Design Studio4, an architectural and engineering firm that will help spearhead the brand's design, specifically implementing the chain's new prototype restaurant design. The firm will also help launch the Bennigan's on the Fly concept and re-introduce the Steak and Ale brand.

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