Starbucks Unveils Two Flagship Stores in China

Starbucks opened a pair of locations in China featuring new design concepts to help provide what the company describes as an elevated experience.

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Kerry CenterThe design of the store in Beijing's Kerry Center celebrates Starbucks' coffee heritage. The design of the 24-hour store in Beijing's Taikoo Li Sanlitun district symbolizes the energetic pulse of modern China in an eclectic setting. Members of the in-house Starbucks Global Design team and the Starbucks China Design Studio, 1 of 18 international design offices worldwide, worked collaboratively to design these 2 new locations to ensure each store reflects the company's passion for coffee as well as shares the company's coffee knowledge and culture while also respecting China's coffee culture and traditions.

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The Kerry Center location features a two-story design with coffee bars on both levels. The upper bar houses The Starbucks Coffee Workshop, which invites customers to experience and discover the chain's unique coffees, celebrated by origin, while enjoying hand-crafted espresso beverages. It also features design elements developed by local artists to showcase Starbucks' coffee heritage and highlight the bean-to-cup journey. Contemporary furniture, locally sourced artifacts such as mooncake molds and repurposed Chinese blue ceramics, accent lighting and art contribute to the experience.

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Starbucks Taikoo Li Sanlitun  eclectic chic  24-hour storeTaikoo Li Sanlitun Reflecting the energy of a 24-hour store, the Taikoo Li Sanlitun location's design welcomes customers who want their coffee on the go in a fast-moving environment. The store's floor-to-ceiling windows present a view of the site's courtyard, and the window side bar and patio seats allow customers to enjoy the view.

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