Millennials are a diverse and highly-educated group that continue to welcome new experiences and remain eager to explore new tastes, according to Technomic. While the majority of this generation will be of legal age to consume alcohol by 2018, many of these consumers (born after 1981) are already making their mark on the adult beverage industry, contributing to the popularity of craft beer, boutique spirits and sweeter flavor profiles in wine.

In fact, millennials of legal drinking age are frequent consumers of adult beverages, with 8 in 10 having consumed an alcoholic beverage in a bar, restaurant or other on-premise venue in the past week, Technomic's research found. Nine in 10 had consumed at home in the same time frame. Millennials also seem to consume domestic light beer, hard ciders, cocktails, red blend wines and Moscato wines more often than older consumers, and they are more price conscious than older-generation consumers.