Foodservice Issues

Spotlights the challenges and opportunities that impact the application of foodservice equipment and supplies in the real world including green and energy efficiency concerns, foodservice equipment concerns, the impact of technology on foodservice, and the state of the foodservice economy.

Next-Gen Leaders: Dustin Cutler

Director of Dining
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
Educational background: Bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Niagara University
Years in foodservice: 13
Age: 35

Next-Gen Leaders: Eric Ernest

Executive Chef, USC Hospitality
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
Educational Background: Degree in culinary management; studied cuisine in Europe and North Africa; completed CEIP (Culinary Engagement and Innovation Program) at the Culinary Institute of America; preparing to pursue MBA
Years in foodservice: 23
Age: 40

Next-Gen Leaders: Selina Fournier

Dining Services Manager, Hampshire Dining Commons
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in Hotel, Restaurant & Travel Administration (now Hospitality & Tourism Management), University of Massachusetts Amherst
Years in foodservice: 20+
Age: 40

Next-Gen Leaders: Gen Guo

Sous Chef, Catering Department
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Educational background: High school diploma, New York City
Years in foodservice: 21
Age: 39

Next-Gen Leaders: Crystol Smith

Production Chef
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Educational background: CIA Baking and Pastry Alum
Years in foodservice: 15, including 5 at University of Illinois
Age: 33

Next-Gen Leaders: Rob Stromquist

Catering and Special Events Manager
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Educational Background: BS in Hospitality Management from the University of Kentucky
Years in foodservice: 10, including more than 6 years in catering and events
Age: 28

Next-Gen Leaders: LuAnne Wu

Assistant Manager, Berkshire Dining Commons
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Educational background: Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Management from University of Delaware
Years in foodservice: 12, including over 6 years at UMass in both Berkshire and Hampshire Dining Commons
Age: 42

Next-Gen Leaders: Matthew Zatirka

Chef de Cuisine, Residential       
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Educational background: Associate degree in Culinary Arts, Schoolcraft College; Bachelor’s degree
Years in foodservice: 14
Age: 29

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Next-Gen College and University Foodservice Leaders

Campus dining has evolved to become an innovative, engaging and deliciously appealing part of the college experience.

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With its rapid growth rate and appeal to younger consumers, delivery will only become a larger figure in the foodservice industry landscape. Here are five ways this emerging trend will impact foodservice operations.