Top Trend: Home Delivery Meal Kits

Home Delivery Meal Kits and similar meals-to-go, delivery or pickup services made their debut on the hot list this year, taking the No. 33 spot, ranking below restaurant-driven trends.

In Chicago alone, Snap Kitchen, Meez Meals and others allow time-pressed consumers the option to order a semi-prepped, full meal for delivery or pick-up that they can finish baking or cooking at home. These programs have become more popular as households shrink in size and younger consumers have less time and/or desire to cook during the week but want to skip the restaurant costs and calories for a more homemade-like meal without the trip to the grocery store.

Design & Equipment Implications: Home delivery meal kits introduce another segment or niche for foodservice designers and consultants to tap into with a whole new slew of potential kitchen customers. Similar to commissaries, these kitchens need more prep and assembly space for deliveries as well as a retail and display element for walk-ins.