Foodservice Plays an Integral Role in Patient Care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Newnan, Ga.

CTCA/Atlanta Floorplan

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1. Dry storage shelving
1a . Walk-in shelving
1b. 2-tier wall shelf
1c. Heated stone shelves
2. Dunnage rack
2a. Can rack
2b. Utility rack
2c. Bib rack
2d. Wall-mounted pot rack
3. Walk-in freezer
3a. Walk-in meat cooler
3b. Walk-in vegetable Cooler
3c. Freezer evaporator coil
3d. Freezer condensing unit
3e. Meat cooler evaporator coil
3f. Meat cooler condensing unit
3g. Vegetable cooler evaporator coil
3h. Vegetable cooler condensing unit
3i. Walk-in cooler display door
4. Air curtain
5. Receiving table
5a. Beverage table w/ sink
5b. Veg. prep table w/ sink
5c. Worktable
5d. Refrigerated worktable
5e. Slicer table
5f. Worktable w/ sink
5g. Display table
5h. Baker's table
5j. Wood top table
5k. Mobile worktable
5l. Pantry table w/ sink
5m. Clean dish table
5n. Soiled dish table
6. Mobile pot storage
7. Iced tea brewer
7a. Tea urn
8. Airpot coffee maker
8a. Airpot coffee brewer
8b. Coffee maker
8c. Coffee grinder
9. Airpot
10. Enclosed transport cart
10a. Utility cart
10b. Dish & tray cart
11. Reach-in refrigerator
11a. Cook's refrigerator
11b. Sandwich refrigerator
11c. Undercounter refrigerator
11d. Undercounter freezer
11e. Airscreen refrigerator
11f. Topping refrigerator
11g. Refrigerator/freezer
11h. Pass-thru refrigerator
11i. Pizza prep refrigerator
11j. Roll-in refrigerator
12. Hand sink
12a. Sink unit
12b. Drop-in sink
12c. Pot & pan sink
12d. Serviceware soak sink
13. Hose reel w/ gun
14. Disposer
15. Food processor
16. Ingredient bin
17. Microwave oven
18. Chef counter
19. Induction cooker
20. Food warmer
21. Overhead broiler
21a. Char broiler w/ oven
21b. Char broiler
22. Gas range
22a. 6-burner range w/ oven
22b. Range w/ oven
23. Griddle top range
23a. Gas griddle w/ range
23b. Wok range
24. Hot food wells
24a. Drop-in hot wells
24b. Drop-in soup wells
24c. Drop-in cold food pan
24d. Drop-in plate chiller
25. 12-gal. kettle
25a. Kettle stand
25b. 40-gal. tilting kettle
26. Convection steamer
27. Utility distribution system (UDS)
28. Exhaust hood
28a. Exhaust duct
29. Combi oven
29a. Combi oven w/ stand
29b. Convection oven
29c. Microwave oven
30. Floor trough/grate
30a. Drip trough
31. Mobile mixer
31a. Mobile mixer stand
32b. 60 qt. mixer
32. Slicer
33. Pizza oven
34. Serving counter
34a. Condiment/flatware counter
34b. Salad counter
34c. Beverage counter
34d. Back counter
34e. Bussing counter
35. Espresso machine
36. Lockable wall cabinet
36a. Pass-thru heated cabinet
36b. Heated cabinet
37. Ice maker w/ bin
37a. Ice maker
37b. Ice bin w/ transport cart
37c. Ice maker/dispenser w/ beverage heads
38. Smoothie blender
39. Slanted bread rack
40. Food shield w/ lights
40a. Food shield w/ lights/heat
40b. Food shield
41. Cold pan
42. Tray pick-up
43. Faucet
44. Sheeter & moulder
45. Proof box
46. Cashier stand
47. Cup dispenser
48. Gelato serve dispenser
49. Conveyor toaster
50. Trash container
51. Counter top display case
52. Rack dispenser
53. Dish dolly
53a. Dishrack dolly
54. S/s wall panels
55. Sink heater
56. Booster heater
57. Dishwasher
58. Hot powdered drink dispenser
59. Salad bar

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