CFESA's Maintenance Tips for Fryers

Found in practically every type of operation — from bars and burger joints to white-tablecloth restaurants — fryers are among the most ubiquitous types of foodservice equipment.

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CFESA recommends operators take these few simple steps to ensure that their fryers keep operating properly.

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For all Fryers:

  • Do not start a fryer without oil.
  • Check all areas for grease leaks.
  • To remove caramelized oil deposits, perform regular boil-outs of the fry tank according to manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Keep controls clean and free of grease buildup.
  • Check thermostat and hi-limit probes for leaks.
  • Inspect all probes for cleanliness. A dirty probe can provide incorrect temperature readings, resulting in poorly cooked foods.
  • Replace broken knobs as soon as possible. A broken knob can result in a unit over- or under-cooking food or even result in a fryer being left on overnight.
  • For electric fryers, check the power cord and connections.
  • For gas fryers, check the pilot light regularly to make sure it is maintaining a proper flame.

For additional service tips, visit the CFESA website.

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