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How to get past the industrial look of standard pans in noncommercial environments.

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serving pansHotel pans. Sheet pans. Full-size pans, 1/3-size pans...and the list goes on when it comes to presenting food in noncommercial environments. But what if it was possible to do an incredible just-in-time food presentation without using standard pans? What if the presentation could be done with decorative cookware, carafes and cruets instead of using institutional looking items to hold the food at safe temperatures? My colleague Ben Pollock shared with me a recently finished project at Colorado College in Colorado Springs that does just that.

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By combining current technology and innovative design Rastall Dining Commons now features one of the most unique foodservice presentation platforms for the higher education market.

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Concealed beneath the curving Caesar Stone counter tops in the Rastall Dining Commons are the secrets to avoiding the dreaded cafeteria-style serving pans. Throughout the serving counters but concealed from the customers are a series of induction warmers. Using a special trivet and decorative induction compatible cookware, the new system now provides a tantalizing display of delectable edibles. When service is complete, staff take the wares to the dishroom and wipe down the smooth stone counter tops.

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Serving pansThe salad bar and deli areas also feature custom made frost tops strategically placed beneath the stone -topped unit in pre-determined locations. The stone then gets a nice layer of frost to chill the decorative serving platters, bowls and carafes in a visually appealing manner.

Induction cooking and frost top technologies have been available for some time but the method in which they are incorporated into design gives a limitless set of options. As innovation advances, designers will continue to find new ways to incorporate different materials into induction cooking applications.

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