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Jim Webb

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Jim Webb

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FE&S Remembers Jim Webb

Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine joins the foodservice industry in mourning the passing of consultant Jim Webb of Webb Design. A longtime member of the foodservice industry, Jim was always willing to share his unique perspective and expertise with anyone who sought his advice and counsel. In addition, he was a regular contributor to a variety of foodservice industry associations and FE&S.

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Indoor Environments Offer Endless Possibilities

Guest author and Webb Design employee Mike Brown has seen the future of design and wants to share it with you.

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Pans Handled

How to get past the industrial look of standard pans in noncommercial environments.

Risk Management: Foodservice Flooring

Failure to properly care for a restaurant's floor can create a high-risk environment and increase liability concerns for the foodservice operation.

Commercial Kitchen Risk Management Part Two: Exhaust Hoods

The second installment in my series on Risk Management in Commercial Kitchens focuses on the exhaust hood, that often-overlooked big silver box sitting in the back of the house.

Risk Management in Kitchen and Dining Room Spaces

Here are a few ideas about how to enhance the safety of some of the more common areas found in commercial kitchens.

Energy Efficiency in Foodservice Equipment

What a topic. The food service industry has embraced sustainability as a core requirement — yet with everyone going green and an abundance of advice coming our way, how do we know who and what to believe when it comes to energy efficiency?

Why Atmosphere is usually the Real Key to a Great Dining Experience

It Takes Energy to Save Energy

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