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Juan Martinez

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Juan Martinez

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NRA 2012 Wrap-Up

Juan Martinez reviews his favorite things about the 2012 NRA Show.

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Don't Let Menu Innovation Kill You

Blogger Juan Martinez tackles menu innovation pros and cons and offers tips for foodservice operators looking to capitalize on menu innovation.

To Hold or Not to Hold: That is the Question!

Technological advances in hot and cold food holding equipment are changing delivery methods.

Are You Leading Technology or Bleeding Technology?

Why Send a Man to the Moon?

Keeping technology simple and applicable is as important as bells and whistles

Dine America 2011: A Great Industry Gathering

Industry pros came together to inspire and enlighten


Fast-Casual Part 3: Considerations in Engineering and Design

Martinez's latest post on fast-casual concepts provides a closer look at the attributes they try to leverage as a point of differentiation from their competition.

Fast-Casual Part 2: Concept Definition

Defining a fast-casual concept isn't as easy as it once was.

Understanding and Working with Fast-Casual Part 1

The fast-casual segment seems to be the darling of the foodservice industry — and with good reason, if you look at some of the industry data. According to market research firm Technomic, the fast-casual segment is in the best position to achieve real growth this year and next.

Managing the Pendulum-Integrated Design Options

Here is a look at three different ways foodservice operators can go about pursuing an integrated design for their concepts.

Drive-Thru Design-Managing the Pendulum

For a concept's drive-thru to be successful it must serve the interests of both the customers and the staff.

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