Joseph M. Carbonara, Editor in Chief
Joseph M. Carbonara, Editor in Chief

In American foodservice, no piece of equipment is more maligned and yet secretly loved than the fryer. Consumers long for what they perceive to be a healthier alternative to fried foods and yet they still have a strong desire for menu items traditionally prepared in a fryer, including fries, chicken and even tempura items.

And once people started frying Snickers bars and Twinkies, well, I thought we had reached the end of the road with respect to menu innovation for fryer-related items. Oh, how I was wrong.

According to this report, a Texas chef has found a way to deep fry beer. That's right: Beer.

Who would have thought? In doing so he has found a way to combine my close, personal friend beer with its longtime companion pretzels to create a culinary combination that has piqued my interest and my cardiologist standing by.

Now that we can fry liquids, what's next?