Welcome Back!

Joseph M. Carbonara, Editor in Chief
Joseph M. Carbonara, Editor in Chief

After a several month hiatus, it is wonderful to have the FE&S web site up and running to serve you – the individual members of the foodservice equipment and supplies industry. It is our pleasure to be once again reporting the news, celebrating the successes of the industry, sharing relevant data and providing thought-provoking perspectives from your peers.

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Although our website has not been active for a few months, that does not mean we have been sitting idly by waiting for the right time to flip the switch. Rather, we've taken the first steps to enhance our web presence to help make your jobs easier.

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For example, we've restored the feature that allows you to search both our directory and our previous articles by using the same query. Using the search function, simply type in the product you are researching and hit return. Displayed in front of you will be two sets of results. The first set of results will list previous FE&S articles that have appeared in print and online that match your search. The second set of results will provide a list of manufacturers and other suppliers from our directory that matches your query. One search, two sets of highly targeted results.

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In addition, you will find many of the tried and true resources that you have come to expect from FE&S, such as our Distribution Giants Report, Best in Class data and our Product Knowledge Guide, to name a few. And in the coming days we will resume distribution of Flash News, our weekly newsletter, and The Specifier, our monthly consultants-based newsletter.

These steps represent just the beginning of what we have planned for our site. Hopefully, you can take a few moments to tour the site and share with me any ideas as to how we can makewww.fesmag.com more useful to you and the industry at-large. Feel free to send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

I would like to close this post on a personal note. During my tenure as editor of FE&S, during countless interviews sources have told me it's the people that make this industry so special and dynamic. And over the years, I got a small taste of that as my network of friends and contacts continued to expand. But I did not really begin to truly understand what my sources were saying to me until we went through this transitional period. The outpouring of support and genuine concern people showed for FE&S, my colleagues and me is incredibly humbling.

Thank you one and all for your friendship, care and trust that you continue to show toward FE&S and our entire team. It is a pleasure to be working with you all once again.

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