Segment Spotlight

This section goes in depth on a selected foodservice and equipment supplies market segment. From commercial to institutional, from food trucks to correctional facilities, FE&S covers it all.

Q&A: George Gebran, owner U.S. Egg Restaurant, Chandler, Ariz.

If Arizona is the birthplace of the breakfast/lunch restaurant concept, the 21-year-old U.S. Egg Restaurant is one of this segment's pioneers.

Case Study: Scrambler Marie’s Breakfast Bistro, Cleveland, Ohio

When Phil Burke and his wife Debbie opened the first Scrambler Marie's Breakfast Bistro 22 years ago in Toledo, Ohio, the plan was to create a family restaurant with limited hours so the owners and staff would not have to sacrifice family time.

Egg-Focused Concepts

The increasing popularity of breakfast paired with the efficiencies of a single-shift operation have these limited-service restaurants, which specialize in breakfast and lunch, rising and shining.

Q&A: Marc Vetri, Head Chef/Owner Vetri Family Restaurants, Philadelphia

On a visit to Italy, Philadelphia chef and restaurant owner Marc Vetri was overcome by the large beer culture that was beginning to evolve. Inspired by beer-centric restaurants abroad and in the United States, Vetri opened his first gastro pub, Alla Spina, just two months ago.

Case Study: The Publican, Chicago

When partners Paul Kahan, Donnie Madia, Terry Alexander and Eduard Seitan teamed up to open The Publican in Chicago about four years ago, the original plan was to create an authentic gastro pub. In this case, the best laid plan went awry with positive results.

Bellying Up to the Gastro Pub

Innovative menus and craft brews drive the operational requirements for this emerging segment of the foodservice industry.

It’s Back to Business for B&I Foodservice

As the economic environment continues to improve, the outlook for business and industry foodservice begins to look a little brighter. Just like other foodservice segments, though, providing a high-quality product that does not compromise speed of service represents a defining attribute among the successful operators.

Case Study: Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash. Mark Freeman, Senior Manager of Global Employee Services

Especially in today's economy, businesses recognize that time is money. Despite a slower economic environment, a growing number of companies continue to invest in their business and industry foodservice operations as a way to drive efficiency.

Q&A: Damian Monticello, Corporate Foodservice Liaison, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

Coming into the B&I industry in 2003 after working as a food and beverage manager for the Ritz-Carlton, Damian Monticello, now corporate foodservice liaison with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, quickly realized he was entering a different world entirely.

Case Study: Fatburger North America, Santa Monica, Calif.

When the first Fatburger opened in Los Angeles back in 1952, it was a local hamburger joint with a diner motif. Today, there are more than 100 locations in California and Nevada, with sites planned for South Korea, Dubai, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Q&A: Seth Gross, owner, Bull City Burger and Brewery, Durham, N.C.

When Bull City Burger and Brewery opened its doors in March of last year, the goal was not only to serve burgers its customers would come back for, but also to play an integral part in the cycle of energy from the farms it sources.