Segment Spotlight

This section goes in depth on a selected foodservice and equipment supplies market segment. From commercial to institutional, from food trucks to correctional facilities, FE&S covers it all.

Hotel Restaurants Become Dining Destinations

No longer viewed as mere amenities, hotel restaurants have become popular fixtures on the local dining scene.

Segment Spotlight: Wine

Wine bars transform in an effort to attract a broader, more diverse demographic.

Dessert-Only Concepts Hit Sweet Spot

Despite the trend in healthier eating, Americans still love dessert, and restaurants are responding by expanding their menu offerings for sweet treats.

Thinking Outside the Box: Shipping Containers

Shipping container restaurants continue to pop up across the country, providing operators with an affordable and flexible way to start or expand a business.

Modern Mexican Restaurants Evolve to Include More Flavor, Healthier Ingredients

Along with incorporating authentic and healthier ingredients, this cuisine has evolved to include other international flavors.

Senior Living Foodservice Programs Offer Better Options Than Ever

More often, retirement community foodservice programs are reflecting the trends of retail restaurants, with from-scratch cooking, local fare and cleaner, more nutritious ingredients.

Considering What’s at Steak

A number of operators are reinventing the steakhouse segment with updated menus, sustainable meats and modern decor in an effort to attract a wider demographic.

Brew Pubs Differentiate and Prosper

This segment is benefitting from and capitalizing on prevalent trends, which include using local, artisan and freshly made products.

Segment Spotlight: Asian Is On Trend

Incorporating a range of regional fare that features fresh and healthful ingredients, the Asian-inspired restaurant segment utilizes traditional equipment to create authentic dishes.

C-store Retail Restaurants Thrive

Restaurants can be profit centers for convenience retailers with decent store traffic that enlists the help of experienced foodservice personnel.

Casinos Double Down on Foodservice

Foodservice venues represent a sure thing for gaming operations looking to enhance their customers’ experiences and bottom lines. Operators require heavy-duty and flexible equipment packages to hit the jackpot.