Green Tip

Cultivating a Green Culture

Going "green" is no easy task. But cultivating a "green" culture, meaning working to get an operation's entire staff, management team, vendors and associates in line with sustainability initiatives in order to create a more viable business over time — well, that's an even more challenging task.

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Specifying an Energy-Efficient Steamer

Cooking with steam offers foodservice operators many benefits. For example, steam has six times the energy as boiling water and it transfers that energy instantaneously. And burning and scorching tends not to be an issue because steam never gets hot enough to caramelize the product. In addition, it is possible to cook multiple menu items in a steamer because steam does not transfer food flavors, it only enhances them.

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Specifying an Energy-Efficient Warewasher

Because they use water, gas and electricity, warewashers tend to be among the largest consumers of resources in any commercial kitchen. For foodservice operators wanting to get a better handle on their operating costs, specifying an energy-efficient warewasher is a good place to start.

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Green Tip: The Role of Cleaning and Maintenance in Energy Efficiency

When trying to create an environmentally friendly foodservice environment, most operators take the proper first step of specifying energy-efficient equipment. What often gets overlooked, though, is the fact maintaining an energy-efficient environment is much more of an ongoing process that requires proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment.

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