New Bugaboo Creek Owners Look to Enhance Operations

Capitol BC Restaurants introduces updated menu and an enhanced guest experience for the East Coast chain.

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When most companies acquire a new business, one of the first items on their to-do list to announce the transfer of ownership to anyone who will listen. But when Capitol BC Restaurants purchased Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse back in April, it did exactly the opposite, while taking several steps to enhance operations and position the 12-unit chain for future growth.

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"When our group initially purchased Bugaboo Creek Steak House in April, our primary focus was ensuring a smooth transition for the restaurant chain from the old ownership and a significant improvement of the overall quality of the customer experience across our restaurant locations," said Christopher Campbell, Bugaboo Creek Steak House's chief trail guide. "For the above reasons, we chose to postpone any formal announcement about the transfer of ownership until now."

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According to Campbell, the enhancements made by the new owners include the sourcing of local, sustainable ingredients; an improved menu that will be released this fall; a new website; and an enhanced family-friendly atmosphere. "We want to bring the restaurant back to its original and unique Rocky Mountain culture and environment," Campbell said. "It isn't finished yet but we are happy with the progress and comfortable that our customers will get a much better experience now."

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In addition, the chain has plans to expand its locations within a year, Campbell said.


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