Cold Stone Bellies Up to the Yogurt Bar

Cold Stone Creamery announced plans to introduce a yogurt concept into its existing stores in 2011.

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Known as Cold Stone Yogurt Bar, the brand extension will feature a proprietary self-serve weigh and pay frozen yogurt with a full toppings bar to offer a fully customized yogurt experience.

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Several stores in Arizona, California and across the east coast will incorporate and test the yogurt concept in preparation for an intended nationwide launch in the spring of 2011. Locations that do not add the soft-serve Yogurt Bar concept will offer the chain's proprietary yogurt in a hard-packed form, which staff can customize on the store's granite stone.

"With the growing popularity of frozen yogurt and a continued consumer preference toward choice and customization, we see a significant opportunity for our brand, our franchisees and our customers as we evolve our brand and introduce a frozen yogurt we know will be the best in its category," said Dan Beem, president of Cold Stone Creamery in a company release.
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