Chain Operating Report for October 3, 2012

This week's chain operating report features business updates from a variety of restaurant concepts, including Captain D's, Caribou Coffee, Jersey Mike's and Pizza Inn.

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For its third fiscal quarter, Captain D's reported a 10.8 percent total same-store sales increase, including a 12.5 percent increase in company restaurants and a 9 percent increase in franchised restaurants.

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Caribou Coffee Company opened a coffee house location in Minnetonka, Minn.

Dairy Queen opened a DQ Orange Julius store in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dunkin' Donuts signed a multi-unit store development agreement for three restaurants in St. Louis. The first restaurant is planned to open in 2013 and the remainder by 2015.

Jersey Mike's Subs opened its second location in Longview, Texas.

K-MAC Holdings Corp., a Fort Smith, Ark.-based franchise operator of Taco Bell, KFC and Golden Corral restaurants, has acquired No Limits, LLC. Based in Missouri, No Limits owns and operates 25 Taco Bell restaurants. K-MAC operates 237 restaurants, including 231 Taco Bell locations, across three different brands and is owned by Brentwood Associates, a Los Angeles-based private equity firm.

For the fourth quarter of its 2012 fiscal year, Pizza Inn reported a 4.2 percent decrease in company-owned comparable stores and a 4.4 percent decrease in franchised locations.

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