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When kitchen equipment breaks down, a small part can make a big difference to your business.

Finding the right part and making a repair as soon as possible is crucial to keeping a kitchen running and your customers satisfied. However, sourcing kitchen equipment parts can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming. That’s why many operators are now partnering with consolidated parts providers. They make ordering parts from multiple OEMs a smooth and fast process, free from multiple shipping fees, delays and complications. Here are some of the major benefits to using a consolidated parts depot as your own personal parts depot.

1. You can order from multiple OEMs with one call and one shipment.

The average restaurant kitchen includes 25 to 30 pieces or equipment from 12 to 25 different OEMs. While operators sometimes need to order a single part for an unexpected breakdown, much of parts sourcing involves placing orders at regular intervals for maintenance items such as water filters, casters, door gaskets or splash curtains. In these cases, restaurant operators spend much more time and money placing individual orders from each manufacturer. With a parts depot, you can set up automatic shipment intervals that enable you to keep equipment at peak performance without tying up money with parts on the shelf. This benefit is particularly crucial for owners of large franchises with multiple locations where managing the upkeep of consumables, like water filters, can become a full-time job.

Consolidated parts providers have vast inventories, stocking parts from hundreds of the top OEMs. Rather than calling separate OEMs and paying for and managing separate shipments, operators can make a single call, place a single order and receive one shipment containing parts for a wide range of equipment with one invoice and at a lower overall cost.

2. You’ll receive 100% Genuine OEM parts.

Some operators like the peace of mind from ordering parts directly from the manufacturer, so they know they’ll never receive generic parts. With a consolidated parts provider, you can feel that same confidence about your purchase. Major parts depots have partnerships with all the top OEMs and stock exclusively 100% Genuine OEM parts, so you’re guaranteed quality.

It’s important to use only Genuine OEM parts in your equipment because generic parts could lead to these scenarios:

  • Void any manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Increase the risk of equipment malfunction and failure.
  • Void agency certifications.
  • Create operator and food-safety hazards.
  • Reduce equipment life expectancy and performance.
  • Nullify insurance coverage.

3. You’ll buy parts at a lower cost and take advantage of extended shipping hours.

Because of their relationships with manufacturers and their buying power, parts depots can sell replacement parts at a discount. By offering consolidated shipping and extended shipping hours, parts depots save customers time and money. That’s not to mention the costs saved by minimizing equipment downtime and using 100 percent Genuine OEM parts.

It’s a good idea to keep parts on hand that you might need, but storing parts you might not use in your own inventory can be a waste of space and money. By using a parts depot as your own personal parts depot, you pay only for the parts you actually need; and 98 percent of the time, you’ll receive those parts the very next day.

4. You can take advantage of parts specialists’ expertise.

Great service can have a huge impact on any experience. When it comes to ordering parts, it can mean the difference between finding the part you need and ordering the wrong part — which means longer equipment downtime.

Heritage Parts, for example, has a team of dedicated parts specialists who understand your business so well that you can rely on them not only to ship the right part at the right time but also make recommendations and give advice to ensure you have everything you need to make the repair the first time once the parts are received. Heritage Parts even keeps order history logs for every customer, so they can help you predict what you’ll need to keep your equipment and business running at peak performance.

Heritage Parts has the largest inventory of Genuine OEM parts in the country, and boasts more than 99 percent parts identification accuracy and same-day shipping from 10 distribution centers across North America. Ordering parts from Heritage is the fastest way to get the right part for your equipment, so you can make repairs in a timely manner.

Make Heritage Parts your own personal parts depot. Call 1-800-458-5593 to speak with your dedicated parts specialist, or visit to order parts anytime.