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Food display cases with matching profile and features that facilitate placing different styles of displays adjacent to each other. Look for food display equipment that offers service and self-service configurations in both refrigerated and non-refrigerated displays. With these options, you can line up any combination of the display styles in the space available to create a visually attractive presentation of food. The method of service (serve the customer or customer self-selection) can be customized within the lineup as well.

merch challenge 376 refrig
Refrigerated service display next to refrigerated self-service display – nominal 10’

combination refrigerated and non-refrigerated display casesCombination display adjacent to refrigerated service and non-refrigerated service displays-nominal 16’

Self Service Displays3’ refrigerated service, 3’ refrigerated self-service and 3’ non-refrigerated service-nominal 9’

Self Service displayRefrigerated self-service next to refrigerated service.