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FE&S Facility Design Project of the Year List of Past Winners

Year Winner
2013 University of Wisconsin Madison—Union South
2012 Metropolitan State Hospital
2011 Braiden Dining Center at Colorado State University
2010 Live! Market at Indiana Live! Casino
2009 The Rams Horn at the Commons, Colorado State University
2008 Harrah’s Waterfront Buffet
2007 Mitsitan Native Foods Café at the National Museum Of the American Indian
2006 Rams Head Dining Center, University of North Carolina
2005 Ah Sin at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
2004 McMahon 8 at The University of Washington
2003 Brain Food Court , Museum of Science & Industry
2002 Restaurant Medure, Ponte Verde Beach, FL
2000 Aureole, Las Vegas & Take 5 Coffee Co, Cleveland
1999 Royal Automobile, London & Lenoir Hall, Chapel Hill, NC
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