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Alto-Shaam 750 TH3 Oven

If you are looking to replace equipment in a kitchen, you may be overwhelmed with all of the options – ranges, kettles, steamers, convection ovens, speed cook ovens, cook and hold ovens, conveyor ovens, rotisserie ovens, multi-cook ovens … the list can go on and on.

To make the decision, you should do a little research up front – both for the options and what your kitchen can handle. Things to consider are:

  • Menu items – do you want to add more menu items in the future?
  • Current production capacity – will you add more seats in the future? Will you expand into a patio? Will you offer delivery through a third-party service?
  • Kitchen space – do you have room under a kitchen hood? Do you have room in other areas of the kitchen? Do you have multiple pieces of equipment that are only being used occasionally?
  • Utility connection – do you have the proper water quality? Do you have plumbing hook up? Do you have enough voltages to connect equipment?
  • Braise: short ribs, veal shanks, chicken, pork shoulder, vegetables, etc.
  • Roast: beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, tofu, fish, vegetables, etc.
  • Soups & Stocks: stew, stocks, ramen, soups of the day, etc.
  • Bake: cheesecake, cookies, egg custard, quiche, sheet cake, crème brûlée
  • Proof: biscuits, bread, pizza dough, etc.
  • And more: reduce, infuse, ferment, sous vide, can, temper, etc.

Speaking with a foodservice consultant, dealer or a manufacturer’s rep can help you determine your kitchen’s needs. You can also try the equipment in person at an upcoming A Taste of Alto-Shaam demo event near you. Register today at

But if you want to first educate yourself, we have a brief equipment overview so you can consider which oven (or multiple ovens) to place in your kitchen.

Combi Ovens

What is a combi oven?

A combi oven combines convection & steam heat for precise, efficient cooking for volume food production.

How is a combi oven used?

An Alto-Shaam combi oven can be considered an alternative for a convection oven, kettle, steamer, fryer, smoker and dehydrator. You can replace multiple pieces of equipment with one oven, which saves space in the kitchen.

Combi ovens combine multiple cooking functions; use in convection mode, steam mode or in a combination of steam and convection. You can cook at any level of humidity at any temperature, which means you can simultaneously steam vegetables or potatoes quickly and gently, while also roasting or braising meat, poultry or fish, or baking bread with perfect results.

Get Combitherm® product information, specification sheets, brochures and more on the Alto-Shaam website.

Cook & Hold Ovens

What is a Cook & Hold oven?

A Cook & Hold oven uses low-temperature cooking for high yields. Alto-Shaam uses exclusive Halo Heat® technology, which is unique thermal cabling that is strategically wrapped around the oven’s cavity to provide a gentle, precise heat that evenly cooks food with no harsh heating elements or fans. This improves food quality by naturally tenderizing even the toughest cuts of meats by activating their natural enzymes. Additionally, Cook & Hold ovens keep food’s natural moisture locked in, resulting in higher yields than other cooking methods. This gives operators more product to sell from the same cut of meat.

How is a Cook & Hold Oven used?

Cook & Hold ovens are highly efficient and can be used for overnight cooking; the ovens automatically switch into holding so the ovens do not need a babysitter. We always recommend that operators use their Cook & Hold Ovens 24/7 to make the most out of these versatile ovens.

Use Cook & Hold Ovens to:

Get Cook & Hold product information, specification sheets, brochures and more on the Alto-Shaam website.

Cook & Hold Smoker Ovens

What is a Cook & Hold Smoker Oven?

An Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Smoker Oven has the same technology and benefits of Cook & Hold Ovens, but also have a built-in smoker for added menu variety. The Cook & Hold smoker ovens use real wood chips for that authentic barbecue taste.

How is a Cook & Hold Smoker Oven used?

Cook & Hold Smoker Ovens also switch from cooking to holding temperatures automatically, allowing you to leave the oven overnight, which cuts down on labor costs. These ovens can actually smoke hot or cold, allowing you to smoke any menu item – chicken, pork, beef, salmon, vegetables, chocolate, cheese and much, much more.

Cook & Hold Smoker Ovens will have a smoky flavor transfer, so it should only be used for smoked foods.  They can be stacked with regular Cook & Hold ovens for added flexibility in a small footprint.

Get Cook & Hold Smoker Ovens information, specification sheets, brochures and more on the Alto-Shaam website.

Multi-Cook Ovens

What is a Multi-Cook Oven?

A Multi-Cook Oven operates as up to four ovens in one. Each chamber is individually controlled, allowing you to cook four different foods at four different temperatures and four different fan speeds. Alto-Shaam’s ovens use exclusive Structured Air Technology™, which is a high-velocity, vertical upward and downward air flow. This optimized, focused heat delivers faster, more even cooking than convection ovens. It also saves on labor without watching and rotating pans.

How is a Multi-Cook Oven used?

The Vector™ Series Multi-Cook Ovens from Alto-Shaam cook up to two times more food than convection ovens. Since you can cook in four different chambers at four different temperatures and four different fan speeds, you can cook an entire menu in just a few minutes. Cook seafood, cake, eggs and bacon all at the same time – with zero flavor transfer. The menu applications are endless – burgers, corndogs, waffles, sausage, biscuits, flatbreads and so much more.

Get Vector Multi-Cook Oven product information, specification sheets, brochures and more on the Alto-Shaam website.