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Make every event a success with the flexible Alto-Shaam banqueting system, a fully integrated rack management system.

Prepare your meals in advance with precision and quality, focusing on presentation, so that when the big day arrives, all you have left to do is to rethermalize, sauce and garnish your plates. Impress hungry guests with hot and fresh dinners that arrive at the perfect moment.

Alto-Shaam’s blast chillers

Alto-Shaam’s banqueting system allows you to focus on what is most important: the gold standard in food quality and attentive service to your guests to make their experience a special and memorable occasion.

The fully integrated rack management system includes:

Plate retherm from Alto-Shaam involves a few easy steps:

  • COOK in bulk in the Combitherm oven.
  • CHILL in the QuickChiller blast chiller. Lock in the quality and freshness by quickly bringing food down in temperature through the “danger zone,” resulting in extended food shelf life to five days.
  • PLATE COLD for banqueting applications. Focus on plated presentation in slow periods, and stage meals on optional plated trolleys until ready for rethermalization.
  • RETHERM & REFRESH in the combi oven to restore safe food temperatures while maximizing food quality for service.
  • HOLD in the CombiMate companion heated holding cabinet. Gentle, radiant Halo Heat technology allows advanced staging and timing flexibility prior to service so that every event can happen on schedule.

With food, labor and energy costs on the rise, Alto-Shaam provides versatile, consistent and efficient system solutions that are essential to profitable foodservice operations around the globe. Experience a Taste of Alto-Shaam. Schedule a demo today.