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750-TH-III Cook & HoldAlto-Shaam's 750-TH-III Cook & Hold oven

Does the cold weather have your customers asking for soup? Even if you live in a warmer climate, it’s simple to make broth from scratch overnight while using a Cook & Hold oven. This recipe allows you to make the most of the chickens that you are cooking with in your kitchen.


  • Mirepoix
  • Chicken bones
  • Cold water


  1. Bring chicken bones up to a simmer on the stove in a stock pot.
  2. Add mirepoix, bring to a simmer and skim the top.
  3. Place stock into the Cook & Hold oven.
  4. Cook at 300° F for seven hours; hold overnight at 165° F.
  5. Strain out stock, chill and discard the solidified fat from the surface.

Happy cooking!

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