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ChickenDelightVWJerry Maahs initially created Halo Heat® technology for holding equipment in his Chicken Delight franchise.

On a cold, snowy day in Milwaukee in the 1950s, Jerry Maahs was looking for a way to deliver hot chicken to customers during Wisconsin's frigid winters when he developed the first Alto-Shaam holding cabinet.

Owning and operating a Chicken Delight franchise, Jerry learned about heating cable and developed Halo Heat® low-temperature heating technology. He soon started his manufacturing company to sell holding cabinets.

Jerry MaahsJerry Maahs, Alto-Shaam's founder

“We realized that we had something special,” Jerry said.

When a customer asked Jerry if he could hold food overnight, he soon discovered that not only could he accomplish this, but that by doing so the food quality actually improved through natural tenderization. Jerry went on to invent the Cook & Hold oven with precise temperature controls, which slowly cooks food to perfection and then automatically switches into a holding mode.

Alto-Shaam grew from a southeastern Wisconsin company with a handful of employees to a global business that employs more than 400. Jerry’s legacy and commitment to innovation continues to this day.

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