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When it comes to production versatility, cook and hold ovens offer the best of both worlds, preparing foods slowly for better results and maximum yields while holding cooked foods safely until serving.

Alto-Shaam 300-S holding cabinetAlto-Shaam’s hot holding options are designed to maintain quality, without overcooking or drying out food.

Only Alto-Shaam heated holding equipment uses Halo Heat® technology with no fans or harsh heating elements.

The key to quality food sustainability is more than the simple application of heat. Adding humidity or water isn’t the answer, either. The real key to quality holding is to preserve as much natural product moisture as possible with no fans or harsh heating elements.

That’s exactly what the gentle holding capability of Halo Heat technology is designed to accomplish. Halo Heat keeps hot foods at safe, even temperatures while retaining the maximum amount of product moisture, the natural moisture found in most of the foods you need to hold prior to service. Whether your holding needs are large or small, Halo Heat hot food holding solutions are available in a wide variety of models and are able to support any type of food preparation or service by extending the sustainability of the food.

No added humidity  –  Adding water vapor to held foods lessens taste and can result in “washed out” or boiled food before it’s even served. That’s why none of Alto-Shaam® heated holding products use water vapor to maintain temperature or moisture. Gentle radiant heat in a sealed and static holding environment is all that is needed to keep food hot, flavorful and ready to serve for hours.

 A variety of heated holding solutions  –  Whether you’re holding small production items, a complete banquet, or something in between, Alto-Shaam has an answer to your heated holding needs.

Precise heat management  –  Steam and other harsh heating methods result in dynamic temperature and humidity swings. Halo Heat heats food gently and consistently, from top to bottom, for hours at a time.

Alto-Shaam’s waterless heated holding equipment line includes holding cabinets, roll-in mobile warmers, banqueting carts, food wells, heated display cases, merchandisers, drawer warmers, thermal shelves and carving stations. Visit for more product details.

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