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Joe Carbonara

Double Dose of Disruption

Business leaders often look over their shoulders trying to find the next disruptive player or event that will shake up their organizations. Well, in a matter of weeks spanning August to the beginning of September, the foodservice industry got a double dose of disruption.


Juan Martinez

Electronic Ordering Insights

Kiosk ordering seems all the rage in today’s foodservice industry. While the process seems simple and intuitive for many consumers, implementation is another story. 


Jerry Stiegler

Retail Sales Up, Panda Restaurant Group Invests in Urbane Cafe, Pizza Hut Develops New Oven-Hot Delivery System, and More

Total retail sales rose in September, as did restaurant sales, per the U.S. Census Bureau. Pizza Hut has developed an improved pouch for delivery orders. Urbane Cafe has received a strategic investment from the founders of the Panda Restaurant Group. These stories and a whole lot more This Week in Foodservice.



Rational USA Realigns its Business Units

Combi oven manufacturer creates three new functional areas.

Rational USA developed a new structure that consists of three business units. Each unit will function independently, allowing them to pursue their own goals.

Following is an overview of each business unit:

  • Regional Sales Managers USA: this unit primarily operates its business in major metropolitan cities with the support of the company's regional sales managers. Cathy Sexton, a company vice president, leads this business unit.
  • Business Unit Partners USA: this unit works with manufacturer rep groups and area sales managers to support Rational's business partners. Lee Baker is the Rational vice president managing this area.
  • Business Unit Key Accounts North America: this unit works with chain accounts across the U.S. and Canada. Rational hired John Ulrich to serve as the vice president leading this business unit.

In addition, Rational announced Fredrik Rasmusson, corporate chef North America, now oversees two applications chefs that will focus on the West Coast and northeast regions while he focuses on the central region.

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