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Joe Carbonara

Excellence in Experience

In addition to projecting slow but real growth for the foodservice industry in 2018, The NPD Group outlined a handful of attributes that will affect the way consumers use foodservice. Specifically, NPD predicts consumers will remain strapped for time, embrace digital ordering even more and strive to develop a closer relationship with their couches.

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Juan Martinez

Eye on Efficiency

If your new year’s resolution has fallen by the wayside not that the calendar has turned to February, never fear. It is always a good time to explore new experiences and new opportunities to make a difference in the foodservice industry.

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Jerry Stiegler

Labor Market Healthy, Chipotle’s Turnaround Plan, Heavy Technology at Silicon Valley Pizza Place

A government study says the U.S. labor market remains healthy. Long a Wall Street darling, Starbucks now has stock analysts piling on. Chipotle Mexican Grill has an extensive turnaround plan. Silicon Valley pizza place relies heavily on technology. These stories and a whole lot more This Week in Foodservice.

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Tom Hotard will take control of domestic sales.

As part of a company initiative to grow sales abroad, Electro Freeze promoted Penny Klingler to the newly created position of senior vice president of international sales. Klingler will direct the company's sales, service and support in all countries and regions outside the continental U.S. as well as all U.S.-based chain export business.

Most recently V.P. of Sales, Klingler has been a part of H.C. Duke and Son, which owns Electro Freeze and is an Ali Group Company, for almost 25 years with a background in manufacturing, product development, training, service and sales.

Tom Hotard, president of Electro Freeze, will take control of domestic sales and service operations during the transition phase of this global growth initiative.

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